Press Release
21 May 2012

Packaging and the Environment – A New Guide to European Legislation

EUROPEN announces a totally revised edition of its indispensable guide to European legislation affecting packaging and packaged goods. The guide takes account of relevant EU policy developments and voluntary initiatives, as well as changes introduced at national level since the previous edition was published in 2007.

The key European legislation in this area is the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC. The business of every company operating in Europe is affected by this legislation and by the adaptation of its requirements into national law in each EU Member State. Its twin objectives were to provide a high level of environmental protection and avoid obstacles to trade and competitive restrictions or distortions in the European market.

The guide contains an analysis and interpretation of the overarching legal setting in which the industry operates, and an explanation of the CEN harmonised standards. As legislation regarding packaging is also constantly evolving in the 27 Member States, the guide also lays out country-by-country the relevant legislation. Introduction and sample pages for the guide are here:

Veronique Bagge, Managing Director of EUROPEN, commented:
“Our industry’s strategy on sustainability and the legislation have both moved on significantly since the guide was last published five years ago. For EUROPEN’s multinational members, a clear understanding of both European and national legislation is crucial to their business. I believe the industry is taking great strides in sustainability, and the up to date information and analysis in this guide can help us make things better, together.”


EUROPEN is the association representing the European packaging industry and other stakeholders on questions regarding sustainable packaging and the environment. Its 46 members cover packaging users, producers, and suppliers of raw materials suppliers across the packaging value chain as well as national cross-sectoral associations. The secretariat is based in Brussels.

A copy of the publication is provided free to EUROPEN members, and available for €70 to non-members in the publications section of this website.

Information for the publication is produced for EUROPEN by sustainability consultants Perchards

For press & review copies or more information, please contact Krishan Arora, EUROPEN, tel +44 7598 228 358 or

A copy of this press release and the sample pages can be downloaded below.