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For many years, EUROPEN has proven to be an authoritative and trusted voice of the packaging supply chain for the European Commission and other stakeholders. Decision-makers increasingly encourage unified industry viewpoints on proposed legislation.

We are all aware that environmental policy within the EU has economic and practical impacts on businesses. Joining EUROPEN is a cost-effective way for companies and national organisations to monitor and inform developments in that policy area. EUROPEN works for the achievement of non-conflicting European and national packaging & packaging waste measures based on a full understanding of the issues, close co-operation between all sectors of the packaging value chain and avoidance of barriers to trade.  

As a multi-sector, multi-material organisation, we work to ensure the proportionate, fair and equal treatment of the packaging supply chain as a whole. I believe the broad scope of our members is a strength and provides balance – we are better, together. EUROPEN members are identified as companies which support a united industry association, dedicated to satisfactorily resolving the environmental challenges facing the packaging chain in an active and co-operative manner without favouring any specific packaging material or packaging system.  

Membership of EUROPEN is open to any company with an economic interest in packaging or packaged goods, and we currently have in our membership the producers of packaging materials, converters and brand owners using packaging materials.  National industry groups with similar objectives to EUROPEN are also encouraged to join us.

Hans van Bochove
Chairman, EUROPEN

Benefits of Membership


Receive timely intelligence on EU packaging legislations and in-depth analysis of relevant EU developments and policies


Get opportunities to engage directly with EU policymakers, key stakeholders and representatives from the entire packaging value chain through dedicated meetings and events


Benefit from reliable and timely support from the EUROPEN Secretariat to clarify and address your concerns


Join a renowned pan-industry association representing the entire packaging value chain, including all families of materials, and promoting a better understanding of the role of packaging in society


Access our members only website with tailored information available at hand, including meeting documents, thematic work programmes and mappings of key EU and national packaging laws and regulations, regularly updated and ready for use for you and your colleagues

For further information about EUROPEN and benefits of membership, do not hesitate to contact us!

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We would be glad to discuss the benefits of membership for your organisation. Please contact our Secretary General or send us your details with the form and we will be in touch.


Francesca Stevens
Secretary General