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News 30 Nov 2022
30 Nov 2022

News update: European Commission Proposal for the Revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

On 30 November, the European Commission published the second part of its Circular Economy package introducing, amongst others, its proposal for the revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Direct...
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Press Release 30 Nov 2022
30 Nov 2022

Packaging value chain sees serious shortcomings in review of EU packaging rules

Brussels, 30 November 2022 – EUROPEN, the European Organisation for Packaging and the Environment, considers the European Commission’s proposal on Packaging and Packaging Waste, adopted today, as...
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News 10 Nov 2022
10 Nov 2022

The Packaging Value Chain expresses serious concerns about the European Commission suggested approach on the PPWR review

Today, over 60 associations from the packaging value chain have issued a joint industry statement to express serious concerns with regards to the approach taken by the European Commission in its revi...
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On 30 November 2022, the European Commission published its proposal for a revised Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. Listen to Francesca Stevens, EUROPEN’s Secretary General, sharing her initial thoughts and EUROPEN’s perspective on the proposal.


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