Innovation Story

26 Nov 2021

McCormick’s brand Schwartz moving to fully recyclable herbs and spice sachets

Herbs and spices brand Schwartz has moved its entire range of recipe mixes to recyclable packaging in the UK. Schwartz, which is owned by McCormick, began rolling out recyclable sachets in July 2021. The company has now confirmed that a nationwide rollout has taken place across the UK.

The new packaging uses 61% less material than the previous sachets, saving 29 tonnes of packaging weight annually. Additionally, 78 tonnes of plastic will be avoided from landfill as a result and there will be a 30% reduction in carbon emissions across the brand’s recipe mixes, equating to 273 tonnes of carbon. Additionally, the new packaging is 100% recyclable and uses an On-Pack Recycling Label-approved substrate that can be recycled at home or in curbside paper bins.

The new packaging builds towards McCormick’s aim to make 100% of its plastic packaging recyclable, reusable or repurposed by 2025.

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