Innovation Story

22 Dec 2021

L’Oréal introduces Garnier Ultra Doux Solid Shampoo to reduce primary packaging by 80%

L’Oréal has launched a sustainable innovation within its Garnier Ultra Doux line to achieve a significant reduction of its packaging use: the solid shampoo.

Sold in a cardboard packaging, both recyclable and FSC-certified, it is the brand’s first no plastic waste shampoo. This results in:

  • - 80% primary packaging
  • - 30 % greenhouse gases emission on the entire life cycle
  • - 90% packaging fossil energy consumption
  • - 70% transport fossil consumption

This solid formula is also long-lasting: it lasts as long as two 250ml shampoo bottles and reduces water consumption thanks to its fast-rinse technology.

The Garnier Ultra Doux solid shampoo line is made up of 94% plant-based ingredients, and between 97% and 99% biodegradable formulas. The result of Garnier’s desire to provide consumers with greener sciences and formulas, these shampoos contain no soap, no sulfates, no preservatives and no silicones.

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