26 Apr 2023

The single market: enabler of circularity

As discussions on the PPWR proposal continue, EUROPEN remains committed to working towards the adoption of an ambitious yet implementable harmonised legislative framework, able to support the European packaging industry on its journey towards full circularity. The internal market legal basis is crucial to making this legislation a success. A strong and resilient single market, allows for the creation of greater economies of scale and drawing the investment needed to bring a truly circular, climate-neutral economy into being in Europe.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the single market, the Commission released on 16 March a Communication on the single market at 30 acknowledging the achievements of the Union market since its establishment in 1993 and highlighting areas for advancing its potential, namely the elimination of barriers at national level and the better enforcement of single market rules to address deficits related to transposition and implementation of EU legislation.

Alongside this publication, a communication on the long-term competitiveness of the EU beyond 2030 was also issued, to prompt a discussion on policy measures that might be needed to promote the competitiveness of the Union beyond 2030. Amongst others, a functioning single market was identified by the Commission as a key driver to foster Europe’s growth and prosperity.

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