Innovation Story

10 Feb 2022

Unilever, Seda Packaging Group and Stora Enso join forces to develop new recyclable and compostable paperboard packaging

Unilever has introduced its Carte d’Or ice cream in a new paperboard packaging in Italy. The tub and lid are made from 100% PEFC certified renewable fibre with a biodegradable barrier coating, that makes the packaging waterproof and therefore suitable for ice cream. After use, it can be either recycled or composted in industrial composting.

The Carte d’Or packages are produced by Seda Packaging Group in Naples, and the material is Cupforma Natura™ by Stora Enso. The board has a biodegradable barrier on its both sides to preserve ice cream safely in freezing and moist conditions.

The new paperboard tub has several benefits, including:

  • The raw material comes from traceable and sustainable sources;
  • The paperboard tub is 23% lighter than the former packaging;
  • Not only the tub but also its lid, manufactured by Seda, is made from the same, compostable paperboard;

In 2021 only, the new Carte d’Or compostable packaging helped reduce CO2 emissions by 1,540 tons. The materials used to develop this packaging ensure full recyclability in the paper stream or compostability in the organic collection. This innovation reflects Unilever’s target to make all their packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.


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Discover more here