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19 Jul 2022

Johnson & Johnson announces launch of recyclable refill cartons

As part of its new Healthy Lives Mission, Johnson & Johnson’s consumer brands are aiming to use 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable plastic packaging and certified/post-consumer recycled paper- and pulp-based packaging by 2025.

Making good on its commitment, Johnson & Johnson has announces the launch of new paper-based easy-pour, eco refills cartons for their existing Baby, Bedtime Bath, and Top-To-Toe toiletry products in 20 markets across the EMEA region.

The refill cartons are made predominantly from paper, which is FSC Mix certified from well-managed sources. The cartons contain a small amount of plastic – around 8g per 1L pack, representing a significant reduction in plastic use – to protect the formula inside and maintain the pack structure. One tonne of plastic will reportedly be saved for every 11,202 refill packs sold.

Once the cartons are empty, they are recyclable where facilities exist. The carton design includes a step-by-step infographic that explains how to refill an existing plastic bottle, as well as a QR code consumers can scan for video instructions and information on how to recycle their empty carton.

The new refills range is a milestone on the ongoing journey to making it easier for families to make sustainable choices.

Discover more here

Discover more here