Innovation Story

21 Jul 2022

Avery Dennison is improving the recyclability of food packaging

Avery Dennison, in partnership with Jindal Films, is launching a PVDC-free OXYB (oxygen barrier) reclosure label that improves recyclability and minimises waste.

Open-and-close packaging is often made with clear films containing PVDC, which serves as an excellent oxygen barrier. However, it also makes packaging more difficult to recycle. Avery Dennison’s new PVDC-free labels minimize oxygen exposure and prolong the lifespan of packaged foods. At the same time, they make recycling easier and reduce plastic packaging in landfills.

Oxygen exposure is the biggest challenge for extending shelf life, as it can cause discoloration and encourage bacteria growth that leads to rancidity. Avery Dennison’s PVDC-free OXYB reclosure label manages to stop air from entering packaging, significantly prolonging freshness.

The new label construction (which includes the face and adhesive) is approved for direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foods.

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