13 Apr 2015

EUROPEN Policy Recommendations for the EU’s Circular Economy Package

April 2015 – EUROPEN policy recommendations for a competitive, resource-efficient and growth-oriented Circular Economy.

  1. Ensure full implementation and enforcement of existing EU laws, in particular the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) and Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD)
  2. Define a clear and harmonised methodology for measuring and reporting national packaging recycling rates
  3. Set realistic and achievable packaging recycling targets, based on clear starting points, taking into account the different packaging waste management infrastructures and implementation capacities in the 28 Member States
  4. Provide a definition of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for used packaging and introduce mandatory EPR minimum performance requirements in the WFD and PPWD, accompanied by EU guidance on the roles and responsibilities of each and all actors involved in packaging waste management
  5. Promote diversion of packaging materials from landfill for recycling and/or recovery