18 Jul 2023

EUROPEN as member of the jury at GEN-E 2023 in Istanbul – A unique experience

Last week, EUROPEN flew all the way to Istanbul to participate to GEN-E, Europe’s largest entrepreneurship event organised by JA Europe, a European organisation promoting entrepreneurship and STEM skills to young people. This year, the Gen-E 2023 European Entrepreneurship Event was hosted by JA Türkiye in İstanbul between 11-14 July. Young entrepreneurs all over Europe, secondary school and university level, showcased their business ideas and competed for different awards. Our very own Secretary General Francesca Stevens had the immense pleasure of being part of the jury for this year’s main university level Gen-E Awards and pick the: 1) JA EUROPE INNOVATION OF THE YEAR, 2) JA EUROPE START UP OF THE YEAR. Francesca Stevens shares her experience as member of the jury.