Innovation Story

12 Apr 2021

PepsiCo reinvents how beverages are delivered to consumers through environmentally friendly and customizable solutions

In 2019, Pepsico made further progress toward reinventing how their products are delivered to consumers through the launch of a new hydration platform, SodaStream Professional.

This builds upon PepsiCo’s SodaStream – an at-home sparkling water maker using reusable bottles – by bringing customizable beverages to away-from home contexts. With this new platform, consumers can choose and record their favourite drink combinations, set hydration goals and track how many single-use bottles they have saved to date, through the dedicated mobile app.

This is a concrete example of how innovation can engage consumers to support the uptake of reusable packaging solutions. SodaStream Professional offersnew ways for people to personalize their drinking experience while reducing single-use packaging. One SodaStream bottle can help avoid the use of thousands of single-use bottles over the course of their lifetime. PepsiCo estimates that through growth of their SodaStream business, 67 billion single-use bottles will avoided through 2025.

This launch is the latest innovation in PepsiCo's “Beyond the Bottle” portfolio, which plays a critical role to make progress towards a world where packaging never becomes waste. By investing in the scaling-up of environmentally friendly, cost-effective and fun-to-use reusable packaging, while empowering consumers in this transition, SodaStream Professional contributes to further drive the circularity and sustainability of packaging.

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