Innovation Story

18 May 2021

Did you know that making small packaging changes can make a big difference in recyclability?

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health is committed to developing products using fewer, smarter resources. As part of its Healthy Lives Mission, the company has committed to reducing plastic waste and when plastic is needed, designing packaging that is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable.

Changes made to products in the JOHNSON’S® brand provide an example of how the company is leveraging innovation in packaging design to maximize recyclability and shape a healthy and sustainable planet for future generations.

Small packaging changes can make a big difference

Knowing that the plastic pumps in some cleansing products represented a technical challenge for the packaging’s circularity due to an internal metal component that prevented them from being recycled, the team started removing pump closures on many JOHNSON’S® lotions and washes. They replaced them with new flip-top cap recyclable closures, preventing about 24 million pumps going to landfill. They will also launch JOHNSON’S® cotton bud packaging in Europe, Middle East and Africa in July 2021, that is completely plastic free and made from recycled material.

These are just some of the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health innovations to achieve their goals to deliver greater benefits for people, communities and the planet.

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