Innovation Story

19 Apr 2021

Amcor and Nestlé launch world-first recyclable flexible pouch for wet pet food

Amcor and Nestlé have launched the world’s first recyclable flexible retort pouch for wet pet food which is being piloted in the Netherlands.

The two companies partnered to overcome the challenge of simplifying packaging structures in order to make them recyclable, without compromising on the functionalities. They achieved a technical breakthrough which underscores both companies’ long-term commitment to more sustainable packaging solutions. The partners collaborated during the product development process, testing for heat resistance, machine performance, shelf-life and recyclability in the real world. This packaging can be recycled within mixed-polyolefin and polypropylene (PP) plastic recycling streams already existing in several European countries.

Flexible retort packaging can improve the sustainability of consumer products thanks to its light weight, resource efficiency, ease of transportation and by minimizing food waste. Adding recyclability to its list of properties will further improve the environmental profile of this packaging solution, which has a reduced carbon footprint of up to 60%* versus a standard retort pouch.

This collaboration between two members of EUROPEN marks another step towards a stronger circular economy. It concretely showcases how companies across the value chain committed to more sustainable packaging solutions can join forces to solve the existing technical challenges in circularity through research and innovation.

*Carbon footprint comparison based on Amcor’s ASSET lifecycle assessment system, certified by the Carbon Trust. Maximum carbon footprint reduction of 60% assumes 100% recycling. Comparison based on standard retort packaging using a PET/Aluminium foil/PP pouch, versus the new AmLite HeatFlex Recyclable OPP/AmLite barrier/PP pouch.

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