15 Oct 2021

Watch now! The full recording of EUROPEN’s webinar on the EU Single Market: The Key to Unlock the Green Deal

Breaking down trade barriers is crucial for achieving the EU’s green transition.


Download the recording here! 



On Thursday 14 October, EUROPEN held a webinar on "The Single Market: the key to unlock the Green Deal", kindly hosted by MEP Maria Spyraki.

The Single Market is the engine of the European Union, allowing people, goods and services to move and operate freely driving closer economic and political cooperation across the continent for almost 30 years. However, diverging rules at national level and a lack of coordination and enforcement at European level are undermining the values it was built upon.

New national trade barriers are restricting access and stifling cross-border trade, hindering the free flow of goods and services across Europe and jeopardising not only Europe’s economic recovery but it’s green transition.

Our outstanding panelists explored how we can address these internal market barriers, establish proper enforcement of the rules at EU level, and ensure effective cooperation between all institutional actors to make the Single Market fit for the green transition.


Download the recording here! 


Our panel:

  • Maja Desgrées du Loû, Unit B.3, DG ENV, European Commission
  • Jérôme Pero, Secretary General, FESI
  • Maria Spyraki MEP, EPP – Greece
  • Francesca Stevens, Secretary General, EUROPEN

Moderated by Brett Kobie